Jane Bolduc - Links


Photographer and artist, Yona Engel, is responsible for many of my most recent photographs which you'll find on my PHOTOS page. This guy is not just uber-talented... he is a damn magician! Oh, yeah and he makes killer latkes!


My friend, Cheryl, is a brilliant voiceover artist. Check out her virtual lounge and listen to some of her latest audio accomplishments.


Jennie Webb is my oh-so-fabulous, funny and talented independent writer pal who wrote my new bio. This woman does it ALL: she’s published numerous articles in newspapers, national magazines and entertainment journals; she works as an arts writer and theater critic for print and radio; she is a frequent guest lecturer at area colleges and universities, and she is a phenomenal playwright. Click the link above to read more about Jennie, and/or click BIO at the left of this page to read what she wrote about yours truly!


My favorite internet radio station comes to you all the way from lovely little Martha's Vineyard out there in the Atlantic. They’ve included several of my songs on their Local Music Café channel. Check out their streaming, customizable playlists for Blues, Singer/Songwriter, Americana, and more!



My dear friends, Dion and Maggie are the founders of Furlesque.com, THE source for the coolest t-shirts on the planet! Founded in 2006, Furlesque is Maggie’s brainchild.  Ever the entrepreneuse with a great eye and fearless fashion brio, she thought that Dion's recent body of work (female pop-culture victims) would be perfect on clothing.  Check out their website and see for yourself!


Artist, producer, singer, songwriter extraordinaire, Tim Gales is a force of nature, and someone I've been fortunate enough to work with, learn from and call my friend for many years!


An astonishingly brilliant songwriter, author and raconteur, Mark and I became instant friends when I moved to Los Angeles back in 1990. I've always told Mark that when I'm rich, I will hire him to write letters to me... but hey - why wait? Visit his website and read some of them.


Paula Stoeke is a dear friend and artist whose beautiful work touches me on an emotional and visceral level. She uses both watercolor and photography to express her visual poetry, and I have been fortunate enough to have been the subject of some of her photographs, which you can find on my PHOTOS page.


Bryan is one my new favorite guitarists... I was floored the first time I saw and heard him play! An extremely gifted and innovative musician, Bryan mesmerizes the listener with his lush compositions for acoustic guitar and dobro.


Brooks is another of my favorite guitarists, and someone I had the brief, but good fortune to study guitar with. He incorporates such an innate rhythm and groove into his virtuoso guitar playing, its no wonder critics tout his playing as having the "precision of a classically trained musician and the soul of a barroom brawler."


Dion Macellari is an extraordinary painter and artist whom I've had the honor to know. You can view some of his paintings on his website, as well as read some interesting pieces on his BLOG page.


Gregory Colbert's Ashes and Snow is an ongoing project that weaves together photographic works, three 35mm films, art installations and a novel in letters, currently on exhibit at the Nomadic Museum. This incredibly spiritual, sensual, and beautiful exhibit moved me deeply. I hope the Nomadic Museum travels to a city near you, so that you can experience it first hand. Otherwise, check out the website.